Divorce Rights For Men

What are divorce rights for men? They are the same as they are for women. Men have the right to exactly the same things that women have the right to. This includes custody of the children, and half of everything that they acquired together in the marriage. Unfortunately, men usually have to fight much harder to get their fair share of anything when it comes to divorce, unless it is the bills.Men rarely get treated fairly in the courts. They are usually seen as the bad guys no matter who caused the split in the relationship, and have to fight twice as hard to keep the things that are theirs. Guys will not usually get awarded custody of the children, and because of this will not be likely to keep the house either. This forces the guy to move out and pay rent somewhere else while still having to pay child support (and possible alimony) as well. This is not fair at all, though I doubt the courts really care. The usually just say they are ruling in the child’s best interest.What are divorce rights for men? The same as they are for any other person going through a divorce. They are entitled to their fair share of everything and should be able to keep anything they had before the marriage as well. Due to some bias in society that sees women as victims men usually have to fight harder for it than women do. Having a good lawyer and knowing the rules can help give you the edge in this circumstance.

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